Fully automated cleaning of dust, dirt, and snow
to increase solar panel performance by up to 20%
Solar Farms in Dusty Regions
Roof-Mounted PVs
Snow Cleaning in Remote Areas
Existing Solutions: A Flawed Approach
In today's solar industry, the prevailing method for maintaining PV farm cleanliness is through manual labor, which, unfortunately, yields exceptionally poor results.

Attempts to automate this process have fallen short, burdened by numerous drawbacks, including lack of autonomy, high costs, and overly complex solutions that demand regular maintenance, like, for example, battery replacement.

It's time for a game-changing alternative.

  • Neglecting solar panel maintenance results in yearly losses of $10,000 to $40,000 per hectare.
  • Soiling can lead to a 3% to 25% electricity loss, says US NREL research.
  • Global PV pollution causes over $30 billion in annual losses, growing with the PV market.
  • Solar PV's will become the world's largest power source by 2027 (IEA).
  • In 2022, solar PV generation reached 1,300 TWh, the highest growth in renewables.
  • UAE's goal: 14.2 GW renewables by 2030, aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Why SunShiner
  • The Long-Term Efficiency Champion
    When it comes to long-term efficiency, SunShiner outperforms the competition. With no batteries or PVs onboard, it eliminates the need for costly battery replacements and frequent onsite visits, making it a significantly more profitable choice in the long term.
  • Simplicity for Reliability
    While high-end robots may appear impressive, they often break down and require frequent onsite maintenance. Sunshiner, on the other hand, keeps it simple offering a 20-year working lifespan. There's nothing to break or steal, and it operates flawlessly in extreme weather conditions, spanning from -40°C to +60°C.
  • Overcoming Challenges with Ease
    SunShiner's capabilities extend beyond just cleaning. It effortlessly crosses gaps of up to 20mm and handles vertical displacements of up to 40mm keeping superior quality of cleaning.
  • Unleash the Power
    Featuring an external, powerful motor, SunShiner tackles even the toughest scenarios with ease. Its strength allows it to clean thick layers of sand, stubborn dirt, and snow, all while remaining resilient against environmental conditions such as vibrations and temperature fluctuations.
No human assistance
Cleans both sand and snow
Works with tilted panels
Benefits for Every Stakeholder
  • Investors
    Get faster return on investments by increasing production of a solar farm. Less CAPEX means shorter payback period.
  • Tech Consultants
    Competitive edge in bidding by increasing efficiency of your projects. Higher solution quality and higher MWh/$ increase your market visibility.
  • Integrators
    Get unique partnership terms with InSky Robotics to increase efficiency of solar power projects in your region.
  • O&M Companies
    Increase uptime and generation on your projects. Submit more efficient bid applications and increase your market visibility by adopting a new solution.

Key Features
Battery-free solution
Cleans ground and roof-mounted panels
Cleaning speed: 0.4 m/s
Panel inclination: up to 60 degrees
Nominal power consumption: 0.8 kW, 110\220 VAC
Module length: from 1.5 to 4 meters
Module weight: 80-100 kg
Temperature range: -40…+60 °C
Communication with server: LoRa
Communication range: up to 5 km without repeaters
Equipment life cycle: over 20 years

Our Story
InSky Robotics was started in 2020 by a collective of innovative engineers who were driven by the goal to achieve maximum renewable energy efficiency.

We are not just a technology company; it's a catalyst for change. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our work, from making clean energy more accessible and effective to minimising environmental impact through waterless cleaning.

It's time for a game-changing alternative.